• A web-based clipboard - useful at least!

    Here's your problem: You're working on different computers. Maybe because you're at school doing an assignment, maybe because you're at work making notes for tonights TV Schedule, maybe you own a KVM Switch or maybe because you're running back and forth doing system administration.

    This is what you usually do: …

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  • SUSE 10.0: Get the facts!

    In brief: New SUSE, first release from OpenSUSE.org, comes in OSS Edition (100% Open Source, only available on 5 CD ISOs) and Eval Edition (free and unlimited, but contains closed source. DVD or 5 CD ISOs), has been tested in 4 beta releases and 1 release candidate. This review …

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  • SuDoKu - A JavaScript version

    The Linux Format Bounty round 1 has finished, and I was one of the competers. I ended up doing a JS version of SuDoKu because of my own skills and the fact that JS/HTML is so cross-platform and easy to do GUIs in. I also thought that SuDoKu would be …

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