A quick remark on SUSE 10.1

Booting is still at 50 sec. Same hardware as my previous test. This is a 0% change.

YaST is very much improved in terms of speed. All those scripts running prior to a system change are now faster. But after installing packages there are still a billion redundant scripts executing. FontConfig!? Postfix!? GDM!? KDM!? Because of installing CVS and Quanta?? No thanks.

Installing from FTP is a pain. 3 times during installation everything hangs apparently because the whole installation source is being reloaded. After installing, the FTP source is reloaded once again. I'm running on 10 mbit and I imagine a 5-15 minute freeze every time this thing is refreshed on connections below 1 mbit.

GTK and QT interfaces are VERY snappy. Better than Ubuntu. And the icon pack is impressive as always - making KDE and Gnome icons look alot better together.

Overall a step forward. But we need a more intelligently trimmed system to beat Vista. My Gentoo installation beats Vista - why can't anybody make a precomiled Linux distro that does the same!?