• Nokia 301 on Wammu / Gammu

    I had an older Nokia and got a new one which I needed to upload my phone book to. In order to connect to Nokia 301 from Gammu, plug the phone in with a USB cable and select the "Modem" option on the phone. The others won't work.

    Wammu is a GTK frontend to Gammu. You can use for various tasks, but I found that restoring my backup through ...

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  • Share an internet connection: A nice little script for quickly getting the task done.

    This script uses iptable forwarding and dnsmasq to share an internet connection with full relay of remote DNS servers and a local DHCP server. Before trying the script, here is the over all steps:

    • You connect to the internet in your normal fashion. For instance with a 3G dongle and your network manager applet.

    • Make sure that nothing is running on port 53, run netstat -tlnp to debug

    • READ THE ...

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  • To all my Thinkpad friends running Linux

    Hello there!

    A little tip that can really improve your battery life and give you peace of mind while working: Install thinkfan: A simple fan control program.


    Here is how it goes on Ubuntu: Step zero is to become superuser (sudo bash). Then you install the thinkfan package.

    ~# apt-get install thinkfan

    Once the package is installed, you can try running it as a normal process to see how it ...

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  • Getting started with Data Parallel Haskell

    DPH is a work-in-progress, and not everything is yet easy to realize. But you should still prepare yourself as a Haskell programmer, because this is really where Haskell can set off into uncharted areas of popularity and innovation.

    As an exercise for a programming course, I developed a spell checker, that runs in parallel and was motivated to write this short howto on getting to grips with DPH. First of ...

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  • Django CMS 2.0 review

    This post is for everyone who's realized that Django power does not come from the ability to easily write all the logic yourself -- rather it's the ability to integrate apps with each other, yet only messing about with your own source tree, and not the apps you've downloaded. And this is a really important realization, especially for the beginner. Sure, Django is easy to get started with ...

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  • Nullable Object must have a value

    I've been coding a lot of ASP.NET lately using the whole Microsoft portfolio of dev tools, and I'm in total shock. I had expected to hate it, but not from rational reasoning, but rather because they made it. I thought it was sleek enterprise level stuff. But I was wrong... here are some obvious rational reasons to hate it:

    • Runtime error messages are cryptic and un-helpful (see ...

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  • Creative Live! Cams on Ubuntu 8.04 using ov51x-jpeg

    First of all: It should work fine.. so be optimistic :) But you will need to compile a kernel module (ov51x-jpeg) to get it running. Please have a look at Creative's list to see if your camera is using this module (it will have have an URL saying something like "Ov51xJpegHackedSource"). This is what you have to do afterwards:

    $ sudo apt-get install build-essential module-assistant ov51x-jpeg-source
    $ cd /usr/src/
    $ sudo tar ...

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  • Tip: Extending Django flatpages

    I did a Google search and since nothing came up, I'm writing this little tip on creating your own CMS by extending Django's flatpages. What's good about flatpages is that they're included in Django and has some basic code to get you started. But clearly they're not enough if you want other people to administer a site.. you'll want to add extra fields and ...

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  • Rio Karma, Banshee 1.0 and Ubuntu 8.04

    Here's a little step-by-step guide to getting your Rio Karma running on Ubuntu 8.04 with the new amazing Banshee 1.0. But first a little appetizer:

    Thumb: Banshee 1.0 with Rio Karma

    What we'll do is fetch some stuff to get the compilation of Banshee working, patch up the source code, compile it and then as a last step we'll get the kernel module for Karma up and running. So, here's ...

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  • Making Rio Karma work on Ubuntu Dapper

    First off, I just got a replacement hard drive for the second time. A Hitachi Travelstar 1.8" (C4K20) compatible with the Karma is very hard to get, but Hitachi just started a new production, so if you need one, you should try to call Hitachi and ask, who's stocking them currently.

    Now, just to let you know, what you're in for:


    The features are pretty simple, but ...

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  • A quick remark on SUSE 10.1

    Booting is still at 50 sec. Same hardware as my previous test. This is a 0% change.

    YaST is very much improved in terms of speed. All those scripts running prior to a system change are now faster. But after installing packages there are still a billion redundant scripts executing. FontConfig!? Postfix!? GDM!? KDM!? Because of installing CVS and Quanta?? No thanks.

    Installing from FTP is a pain. 3 times ...

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  • SUSE 10.0: Get the facts!

    In brief: New SUSE, first release from, comes in OSS Edition (100% Open Source, only available on 5 CD ISOs) and Eval Edition (free and unlimited, but contains closed source. DVD or 5 CD ISOs), has been tested in 4 beta releases and 1 release candidate. This review is based on the Eval DVD, but if you don't like reading you can just skip directly to the ...

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  • SuDoKu - A JavaScript version

    The Linux Format Bounty round 1 has finished, and I was one of the competers. I ended up doing a JS version of SuDoKu because of my own skills and the fact that JS/HTML is so cross-platform and easy to do GUIs in. I also thought that SuDoKu would be easy on performance, but I was wrong there. It takes alot of resources and JS is slow as a ...

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