Django CMS 2.0 review

This post is for everyone who's realized that Django power does not come from the ability to easily write all the logic yourself -- rather it's the ability to integrate apps with each other, yet only messing about with your own source tree, and not the apps you've downloaded. And this is a really important realization, especially for the beginner. Sure, Django is easy to get started with; all the examples show how to make a blog or CMS in 2 minutes. But that's not the point -- the real winner is that you want some obscure data model that no one ever made an app for, and you want to integrate forms and put new little widgets in your already existing website. Writing your own CMS is not cool!!

The 1.0 version of Django CMS was simple and powerful. It did what it had to do: Internationalization, navigation, visual editor, URL structure etc. I never felt limited or constrained by using it.