Music of December

I'm starting my blog again. I didn't blog for a long time, and I didn't have anything useful to publish, anyway. I used to blog about personal stuff on Xanga, but it became a pointless ramble and only taught me how important good conversation is.. in contrast to the introvert late-night Xanga-rambles. Blogging is supposed to be worth reading for others. My past principle used to be that blogging was to be worth reading for myself, but just like keeping old letters for the sake of future understanding of the past... well, we just don't want to know about the past. It's well-enough archived in our minds. And someday Xanga, Blogspot or my own harddrive is gonna seize to exist and that'll probably happen a lot earlier than any elderly eager to understand the past.

Now, music. This is what I love right now.. with links to reviews and mp3s.