A web-based clipboard - useful at least!

Here's your problem: You're working on different computers. Maybe because you're at school doing an assignment, maybe because you're at work making notes for tonights TV Schedule, maybe you own a KVM Switch or maybe because you're running back and forth doing system administration.

This is what you usually do: Copy text to some file on a LAN share, send yourself an e-mail, an SMS or even worse: You write it on paper!

Well, now you won't have to do that anymore! With your new OSS PHP Clipboard you can just type in whatever you like and press save. Your content will then remain accessible until you choose to save something else.

Go try the demo or download it and put it on your own server:

Installation is easy! Just put the .php file on your webserver somewhere safe from people and bots. Chmod the file 777 and it'll work.

This is an early version, but please help me develope the idea and the code. Right now I'm thinking that it should be able to do optional IP and/or login checking. And maybe there should be a file upload feature, too...