Rhythmbox Full Screen



Thanks to everyone for feedback! I've moved the project and encourage all you python geeks out there to submit patches or join the team!

screenshot-rhythmbox-fullscreen-view-thumbThis python plugin gives you a stylish full screen window usable for parties etc. Still in its early stages it currently enables:

  • Pulsating hover effect

  • Album art

  • Smoothly animated progress bar

  • Control: Play/pause/skip

  • Scrolling by cursor position

  • Queued tracks merged

You can check out the latest source from my repository and put it in your plugins directory like this:

$ svn co https://svn.overtag.dk/zuzu/trunk FullscreenView  
$ mkdir -p ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins  
$ mv FullscreenView ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins

In newer versions of Rhythmbox, the plugin directory has been moved to .gconf/apps/rhythmbox/plugins/.

Upcoming features

  • Configurable colors

  • Better scaling for different screen sizes

  • Better synchronization of elapsed playing times

Technical stuff

The plugin uses custom drawn Cairo widgets in a DrawableArea and idle callbacks for animations. Everything is therefore vector graphics. The code is currently rather messy and I expect to do a check up on that in the near future.

if you find an error, please run Rhythmbox from terminal with the following option:

$ rhythmbox -D FullscreenView