• Eggplant community open source project that I've participated in since early days. A direct market between biodynamic food coops and growers.

  • Kolibri Next-gen offline learning software for distributing interactive learning materials through an extremely flexible platform for all kinds of contexts.

  • KA Lite a stand-alone offline solution for interactive Khan Academy classroom and single-user experiences.

    Started it in 2008, now making it a prime time state of the art Django app instead of a bedroom project)

    Toughroad is an interactive role playing game for high schools in Denmark. It's a browser based game that connects to a highly portable setup in which the school's LAN is used for facilitating the game. It features interactivity such as chat, popups, SMS'es, market rates, bank accounts, stock market and tons of statistics picked up during gameplay.

    This is a website I've done in Django. It has galleries, a Wiki and a CMS with a lot of custom made plugins.

    Most of my spare time is spent collecting and refurbishing computers for projects in Africa. The site is naturally done in Django.

  • Large Scale Computer Reuse Suite
    LCRS is a program suite that's used for hardware detection and hard drive wiping for large scale reuse of computers in organizations or companies that wants to engage in such collection activities. I highly believe that computers should be used until they actually break, and not until some new fancy model comes out.

  • Rhythmbox Fullscreen Plugin


  • (music zine)