Green My Apple was a success

promoagreenerapple20070502.jpg A lot of criticism has rained upon this campaign. Especially on the net on sites like and in the Mac community. People simply saw Apple as "green already" and thought of Greenpeace as attention-grabbers. Now that Steve Jobs has written that they're disclosing their policy people are even more after Greenpeace in this second-guessing way going "see, Apple was green from the beginning". So there's actually a bunch of people who has more trust in Apple than Greenpeace. That seems like a pretty wrong bias, and I think the writings of Steve Jobs clearly prove that he has payed attention to the campaign. The green Apple on, the headline "A Greener Apple" and then the actual sentences:

Apple is already a leader in innovation and engineering, and we are applying these same talents to become an environmental leader.

See, that was exactly what GP wanted them to say in public. And now Greenpeace applauds this and gives thanks to all the people - Greenpeace isn't taking the credit for this, they're giving it to Apple and the Apple fans who used the campaign to tell Apple how much they'd like to see them as an environmental leader.

I sincerely hope that this will be a new beginning where Apple can set a good example and Greenpeace can cheer the other electronics companies to follow this example. We need everybody to follow troop:

  • Using the precautionary principle to substitute everything that's potentially dangerous

  • Taking back all used products globally

  • Designing products that last longer

  • Making reuse and upgrade of products much more simple

We have limited natural resources and a very dirty business exporting toxic electronics waste to poor countries.