Death of a Prime Minister

Danish arty-farty movie company Zentropa has made a movie called AFR. It features Anders Fogh Rasmussen having a love affair with a fictional character. He discovers the wonders of being gay and giving away money to Africa. Then unfortunately he gets murdered under mysterious circumstances.

Watch the trailer

Anyways, this movie has spawned some rather stupid reactions. So I guess it was worth the making. First in line to make a press comment: Pia K, who said she felt "abused" by the movie. Pia K, you weren't abused. You're just too stupid to get it. Other politicians from "both wings" of Danish politics have been out criticizing the movie. Nobody apparently gets it: All of you politicians appear like blond sluts in the media, vulnerable to such mocking attacks. Whether or not it's your fault or the media, the broader perspective is, that this is just one big circus and we (the people) need serious political substance very badly...