Can anybody help me?

I would like to have a better understanding of what just happened tonight. I hit 2 straight flushes in less than 2 hours. In that period I definitely saw less than 500 hands. Now, the odds of that happening are EXTREMELY low:

1 in 72,195 * 1 in 72,195 hands / ~500 hands = ~1 in 10,424,236

And I want to add this: Just this last Wednesday I also hit a straight flush. I haven't played more than about a 1,000 hands between those two events. So the total probability of what has happened all-in-all is probably about 1 in 4-500,000,000. Please tell me I'm dreaming and these screen shots are unreal.....

Straight Flush #2

| Straight Flush #1


To be totally fair, I probably understated those estimates, since I only see about 1 hand a minute - maybe even less. I'm not sure. But I did exaggerate the number of hands, so maybe what happened was actually one in a billion. But so is every other somewhat unique series of combinations in poker - I just happened to hit straight flushes. And I've played over 300 sit'n'gos without ever seeing one.