Here's some information about me that's useful for professional motives, say if you're someone who wants to hire me:

  • I work with the following stuff: Python, JavaScript, Haskell, Linux, and SQL.

  • More specifically I like: Django, JQuery, PyGTK, Glade, FUSE, Ubuntu, and MySQL. I like simplicity, transparency, and open source.

  • I've used this stuff for professional purposes, but it's traumatized me greatly: PHP, ASP, .NET, Mambo, Umbraco, and XP. Especially ASP and .NET.


I've taken a bachelors in Computer Science at Copenhagen University, and currently I'm studying for a masters at the IT University of Copenhagen. My main focus is on globalization.


Twitter: http://twitter.com/benjaoming
Electronic mail: benjamin (silly a) overtag.dk
PGP Key ID: 0x28D5D2E4