Django localized date template filter

UPDATE! This is going to be redundant in Django 1.2, in which you can add DATE_FORMAT to your django.po files.

I’ve often been frustrated that using settings.DATE_FORMAT does not give a localized date. Granted that the name of a month may be localized, but the format string does not change. So let’s start out by modifying We wrap our default date format in a ugettext so the makemessages command will detect it, and we need to make it a dummy function, because the i18n library cannot be imported in due to circularity (it depends on

ugettext = lambda s: s
DATE_FORMAT = ugettext('N j, Y')

Run compilemessages and type in your localized date formats. Now we need a template filter that uses a localized format for calling the Django date format function. This is really simple:

from django.template.defaultfilters import stringfilter
from django.utils import dateformat
from django.utils.translation import ugettext
from django.conf import settings
def localdate(value):
    """Format date with localized date format"""
    format = ugettext(settings.DATE_FORMAT)
    return dateformat.format(value, format)

And done. Using the filter is straight forward:

Date: {{ my_date|localdate }}